Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Sale & Number of the Day

Well I have to say that I am officially starting to look forward to going back to school.  I am really excited to meet my new students and teach a new split (1/2)!  During this past little bit of summer holidays I have been really starting to think of classroom decor, organization and planning.  I was able to get in a trip to the states and picked up some great classroom stuff at Target and Wal-Mart.  I also popped into school this week to start re-organizing my classroom.  Over the summer holidays we are required to put everything up on shelves and it looks like a complete disaster!  I was pretty much able to get everything back to its spot, do an inventory of school supplies and send some stuff to the print shop.  It is so eerie quiet in the building at this time.  I was missing the hustle and bustle that the school usually has.

In honour of back to school Jeanine and I will be holding a back to school sale in our TPT shop on August 12th and 13th.  This means that you will get 20% off of all our products!  As well, enter the promo code BTS12 and you get an additional 10%!  Sweet deal!  I can't wait to get my back to school shop on tomorrow!


On another note, I have created a new product for our TPT shop that I use frequently in my classroom.  It is called Number of the Day.  Many of you may have heard of this already, or my do this already in your classrooms, but I absolutely love Number of the Day.  It helps my students with all aspects of number representation (tallies, ten frames, base ten, coins, skip-counting, odd/even, ten more, ten less, number sentences etc.).  In this package I have created four different Number of the Day worksheets that you can use with your students.  These sheets are fill-able and DO NOT have a specific number on them so you can differentiate your instruction and put your own number in exactly at the level that your specific students are at.  I used Number of the Day last year in my grade two/three classroom and we had students ranging from numbers 25 all the way into the hundreds.  It really is a great tool for assessment purposes and can be used as a math warm-up, a center or a fast finisher activity!

Happy back to school shopping!  Have a great weekend!

Lauren :)