Tuesday, June 26, 2012

150 Charts Freebie and 3 DAYS LEFT!!!

3 days left! 3 days left! 3 days left!!!! I am sooo happy to report that I have 3 days left of school until summer holidays officially start.  Even though this year has not yet come to an end, I am starting to think about next year and how to refresh my room and help my kiddos the best that I can.  In math this year, some of my students were having difficulties counting past 109.  They would reach 109 and then jump right to 200.  After taking a fantastic math course through my division this year, it was suggested that instead of using 100 charts I use 150 charts to show that the pattern on the hundreds chart continues over and over again.  Well in the spirit of refreshing up my room I have created a bunch of 150 charts using 14 different fonts.  I also have included two types of 150 charts.  One is just your regular chart, the other has all even numbers on the chart highlighted in red.  I really hope you find these valuable for your classroom and helps some of your students see the patterns in the hundreds chart.

Click here to download my 150 Charts package from TPT for FREE!! :)

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