Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Art and a Math Freebie

Hello Friends!
I need to start off this post by first saying that I love art.  I love teaching art, I love making art, I love looking at art.  I love everything about art!  So I am always excited to find new and exciting projects for my kids to do!  I also love fall.  I love the colours, the leaves falling, pumpkins, fall decor and pumpkin spice everything.  With my class in the fall I usually make sunflowers for our fall art project with oil pastels, but this year I decided to change it up!  Instead of making sunflowers out of oil pastels I switched the medium to chalk pastels and added a glue line!  On the first day we drew our sunflowers on black construction paper with pencil (we practiced first in our sketch books).  After sketching we took basic white glue and made a glue line over all of the pencil marks to outline our sunflower.  The next day when we got together we colored our sunflowers with chalk pastel.  Did we get a little messy with chalk pastels - absolutely! But what fun is art if you can't get a little messy sometimes!!! I think the kids did an amazing job!  They look absolutely beautiful on our bulletin board!

I whipped up a quick math freebie for you today.  You can download it at our Teachers Pay Teachers store.  It is called Line Me Up and just as the name sounds it is a one page sheet for students to cut out and order numbers from 0 to 100.  I hope some of you can find it useful!

Happy Tuesday!



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