Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas Concert Hoopla, Elf on the Shelf and Winter Math!

Hello Everyone!!!

I don't know about you all but it is so crazy around our school.  We are in full Christmas force.  Our Christmas concert is next week and we have been busy preparing decorations for the concert as well as practicing our songs that we are singing.  I have to say though I just love this time of the year.  The building feels like a different place - LOVING the Christmas spirit.

My class created shaving cream/glue snowman for our concert.  We are performing Melton the Warm-Hearted Snowman and the little snowmen they created couldn't be cuter.  I found this fantastic idea at this blog!

Guess who arrived from the north pole this week?  Buddy our Elf on the Shelf!! The kids are super excited to see where he is going to be hiding each day.  They are convinced that he sometimes moves his eyes and legs.  This is the first year I have ever done Elf on the Shelf with my kids and so far it has been so much fun!  To see the joy on their faces when we opened our present from the north pole was priceless.  As is the enthusiasm each morning to see who can find Buddy first!

I also have created a Winter Math product that I think you will really love.  It includes a lot of useful printables for this time of the year with a wintery theme:
1) Greater Than/Less Than - 2 pages
2) Odd and Even Numbers - 2 pages
3) Snowman Measurement - 2 pages (one in inches, one in centimetres)
4) Count and Graph - 1 page
5) Ordering Numbers - 2 pages
6) Skip-counting - 2 pages
7) Winter Patterns - 2 pages (one page is the answer key)
8) Winter Addition - 3 pages (3 different strategies)
9) Winter Subtraction - 2 pages (2 different strategies)
10) Equality and Inequality - 1 page
11) Winter Symmetry - 1 page
12) Ten Frames - 6 pages (3 different themes, one colored page, one black and white page)
13) My Winter Problem Solving Booklet - (13 winter word problems included. All problems vary between change, compare, equalize and combine word problems).
You can check it out at our Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook shop!

Lauren :)


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