Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Perfect Square Art and Map of My Heart

Well hello! This week in my class we have been busy wrapping up our shapes unit and starting a unit on mapping. For the end of our shapes unit I read the book Perfect Square by Michael Hall. It’s a super cute book about how a perfect square turns into something else by tearing, cutting, etc. I gave each of my students a square piece of solid coloured paper and they were challenged to use the entire square to create their masterpieces. My class loved it and some students were VERY creative. Below I have attached a couple of student samples of a cityscape and sinking Titanic.

To launch my mapping unit I read the book My Map Book by Sara Fanelli. It’s a great book with a colourful collection of labelled maps. There are a variety of maps included such as: Map of My Dog, Map of my Bedroom and Map of my Heart. After reading the story, my students all made maps of their hearts. My students loved this activity too. I have to admit, it made my day that I made the map! I have attached some student samples for you to see. I have also included a template of the page we used in class. Feel free to download and use in your classroom!

Have a great week!


Laura said...

Hi Jeanine and Lauren!! Love this activity, looks very cute (I am the one who left feedback on your TPT).. I am your newest follower, hope you have time to check out my blog too!!


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